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Dacia Mumford

I grew up in Idaho on a potato and sugar beet farm. I graduated college with a BS in Elementary Education and was a 5th and 6th grade Spanish immersion teacher. Here in West Lafayette, I taught kindergarten and 1st grade at WLES from 2016 to 2019. Prior to that, I was a frequent substitute teacher at WLIS and WLES. Through volunteering, I have had a consistent presence in our schools serving as: Parent Council President, Vice President, and Treasurer; Book Fair Chair; Lego Robotics Coach; Articipate Instructor; Teacher Appreciation Chair, and Room Parent. I also served on our school district’s Facilities Committee (2013-2018) and on the Re-Imagining Committee (2019-2020). I did classroom observations as a Student Teacher Supervisor for Purdue University in several area schools. When I wasn’t teaching or volunteering in our schools, I’ve focused on serving children in our community as a little league softball coach, in my church’s children’s organization, and in a variety of other ways. I am working on my Masters of Social Work with the desire to be a mental health therapist for children and teenagers.

Mumford Family

We moved to West Lafayette from California in 2007, just in time for our oldest child to start kindergarten at WLES. He graduated from WL High School in 2020 and our second child graduated in 2022. Our younger two children are in 10th and 7th grades. This school district has been wonderful for our kids and they have enjoyed participating in musicals, orchestra, choir, band, cross country, track, volleyball, tennis, French, German, and Spanish clubs, student council, and much more. My husband is an economics professor at Purdue. His research is focused on empirically evaluating government policies related to taxation, education, and personal finance regulation. He is the director of the Purdue University Research Center in Economics.