Responses (January 2022)

After the January meeting, I emailed 3 topics of concerns to the school board: School board meetings are scheduled on the same evening as city council meetings The video and audio recording of January’s finance meeting were not posted School board members use personal email accounts for school business rather than school email accounts TheContinue reading “Responses (January 2022)”

Responses (June 2021)

After the April school board meeting, I emailed several questions to the school board members. Alan Karpick, school board president, sent me a reply saying that he would not respond to my questions by email, but would instead provide some answers during the next meeting. He claimed that my summaries and other posts took hisContinue reading “Responses (June 2021)”

Responses (April 2021)

After the school board meeting on April 5th, I emailed four questions to our school board members: #1 – During Dr. Killion’s presentation in March, he shared data on special education enrollment. What explains the large jump in special education enrollment in the 2012-2013 year? Also, why has special education enrollment been gradually declining sinceContinue reading “Responses (April 2021)”

Responses (March 2021)

I sent a follow-up email to school board members. I received a response from Alan Karpick, School Board President. The questions I emailed to the school board members are given in bold, the responses are in italics, and my thoughts are in regular text. 1. At the December and January school board meetings, there wasContinue reading “Responses (March 2021)”

Responses (February 2021)

I asked the school board questions about school rankings and school board work sessions in an email. I received a response on behalf of the school board from Alan Karpick. I then responded with a follow-up question on work sessions and Karen Springer responded. High School Rankings: I have been surprised at how oftenContinue reading “Responses (February 2021)”

Responses (January 2021)

I spoke at the January 2021 school board meeting and asked to be appointed to the policy committee in order to help review current school policies and recommend changes to the school board. I received an email from Karen Springer stating that they do not allow public appointments.  I sent a follow-up email to schoolContinue reading “Responses (January 2021)”

Responses (December 2020)

I sent four questions to the school board and wanted to share the responses I received along with my thoughts. Alan Karpick, School Board President, responded to my email and said that April McClure, Rocky Killion’s administrative assistant, compiled the answers on the board’s behalf. The questions I emailed to the school board members areContinue reading “Responses (December 2020)”