Small Town School Board Campaigns

I was elected to the WLCSC school board in November 2022 and before that I was one of 15 candidates for the WLCSC school board in 2020. Participating in the 2020 election helped me to better articulate my beliefs about how school board campaigns in a small community like ours ought to run. These are my views:

  • School board candidates should not accept donations from contractors that do business with the schools. It’s a conflict of interest. I won’t vote for any candidate who receives campaign contributions from a company that earns income from the schools.
  • School board candidates should not accept donations or endorsements from school administrators or the teachers union. This is also a conflict of interest. Teachers union leaders working with school administrators to influence the school board election is textbook regulatory capture.
  • No big donations! Candidates should not have to self-fund their campaign and donations expand the candidate pool. But, it should not cost thousands of dollars to run for the school board in a small community like ours. Accepting only small donations should be sufficient to buy yard signs, put up a website, and buy fliers. Large donations look like someone trying to buy political favors. I’m not going to accept any donation over $40.
  • No PACs! The RDP-PAC’s heavy involvement in the school board election 2 years ago was atrocious. I hope we never repeat that. I’m not going to vote for any candidate associated with a PAC.
  • No slate of candidates running as a group! The school board election should be about demonstrating to our neighbors that the individual candidate will do a good job representing them. It should be about voting for those that most closely share your views about how our schools should run. 
  • School board races should not even have the appearance of promises or favors owed to any group or individuals. I will not be seeking or accepting endorsements from any organizations or individuals.

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